GAELA - Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations

GAELA - Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations

GAELA (the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations) was formed in 2000.  

The member associations and other related bodies meet at least once a year to discuss matters of common interest and to further a global dialogue (photo: participants of September 2013 meeting).

The aims of GAELA are:

  • To forge bonds between associations promoting language learning by study abroad and provide a forum for exchange of information.
  • To promote and improve the profile of study abroad for the purposes of language learning and cultural understanding.
  • To promote the adoption of comparable standards in language teaching and aim to ensure, for the benefit of students, regulation of providers where there is none.
  • To present views to governments on topics such as regulation and quality assurance and student mobility, drawing on international comparisons and evidence.
  • To collect information and data on the “language learning by study abroad sector” of the education market.
  • To share initiatives to develop professionalism in all areas of language learning by study abroad.
  • To communicate with bodies representing language travel agents on issues of mutual importance, with the aim of improving the quality of service to students.

Why should students choose to study at a language centre which is a member of a GAELA Association?

Although associations vary in their operations from country to country, they are all working towards maintaining and improving standards within the language learning industry. If you study with one of their member colleges, you can feel confident that you will have a positive learning experience.

Liste der Schulen

International Language School STUDIOITALIA

Via Tibullo 16, Rom, 12 Karte Zeigen!

STUDIOITALIA ist eine italienische Sprachschule für Ausländer, die im Jahr 1985 gegründet. Für die letzten 25 Jahre wurde... Mehr erfahren »


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