Pushkin Institute - Pushkin Institute

Pushkin Institute - Pushkin Institute

Pushkin Institute in co-operation with the State Pushkin Institute of the Russian Language (Moscow) offers you a possibility to study the Russian language and receive the STATE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE in

Conversational Russian

Russian for Business Communication

This Certificate is recognized in all European countries and will add to  yourEUROPEAN PORTFOLIO.

  • The instruction language is ENGLISH
  • The classes can be provided in three levels

Conversational Russian (levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced).

Russian for Business Communication (levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced).

Russian for Professional Purposes

  • The following courses are available: intensive, individual summer courses
  • The students can be given a diagnostic test proir studies
  • Flexible schedule: daytime or evening classes
  • The total number of study hours can be adjusted to the student`s requirements.
  • The Certificate can be received after covering a preparatory course for the exam ,with the capacity of 12 academic hours or pre-exam testing to estimate the student,s level. We also provide a trial exam for the Certificate.
  • We provide in-company training for different target groups.
  • We organize educational trips to Russia.
  • All programmes have been compiled and worked out in co-operation with the State Pushkin Institute of Russian Language and comply with the state programmes of the Russian Federation and the Council of Europe testing level.


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